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eBuddy Mobile Messenger

The eBuddy Mobile Messenger is the best multi-network Instant Messaging application that is especially designed to intuitively chat with your


Download this New and Improved version to your phone to get the best chat experience on MSN, Yahoo!, AIM and Google Talk, all in one single buddylist.

For more info visit www.ebuddy.com/mobilebeta

Multi network chat

With the eBuddy Mobile Messenger you can chat with your friends on MSN, Yahoo, AIM and Google Talk.

Filter through your contacts easily with the new QuickSearch feature. Then chat longer because we have improved connection handling and minimized data usage.

Customize your settings

The eBuddy Mobile Messenger features an easy settings screen where you can tailor the application to your liking.

Adjust the volume of the alerts. Or the way your contacts are ordered. With just a few clicks you have it just the way you like it.

We speak your language

Like all eBuddy Messengers, the eBuddy Mobile Messenger is available in a wide selection of languages.

If your language is not listed, you can even join our translation community and lend us a hand!

Source / Download visit http://www.getjar.com/
For more info visit www.ebuddy.com/mobilebeta

Hasil Tes eBuddy Mobile Messenger

Seperti Halnya YM pada PC.

Kelebihannya :
- Portable, di install pada Handphone dengan Java
- Murah, Aplikasi GRATISS, pemakaian GPRS dengan biaya murah, karena data yang dikirim di terima sedikit.
-Bisa Login dengan user ID di MSN, Yahoo, AOL, GTalk sekaligus
-Multi Chat

Tes yang kami lakukan dengan HP SE K508i , Kartu Halo biaya GPRS nya Rp10/kbytes
Jumlah daftar Buddies pada ID YM yang kami pakai 7 user ID

Login - Logout:
Paket Data yang terpakai 7 Kbyte
Biaya GPRS Rp.84,-

Login - Chat +-100 Karakter - logout:
Paket Data yang terpakai 9Kbyte
Biaya GPRS Rp.108,-

Selamat Mencoba ya!

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