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Step by Step Make Money at Bux.to

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You have signup but still confuse what I must to do now, please following my experience sharing to make money from Bux.to:

  1. Login at bux.to, Click here for login
  2. Click login, type your ID, Password and verification number correctly. For Attention, one the bux.to just allow one user / id per computer.
  3. click Surf Ad
  4. click one by one a web link. You must view that page for 30 seconds (see counter) Don’t open other page or link before 30 seconds dan you see Done . you can read that page if you will.
  5. Thereafter, close that page and open other link from Surf Ad. Do point 4 and 5 until you have opened all links.
  6. Just That, is simple OK.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes i have been using, bux.to for quite a lot of time now. And yeah i have been paid couple of times now and currently i am waiting on another payment!
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Nice blog by the way, I'll bookmark it!